For Sale and Want Ads

Our sales pages lists items our members and related parties wish to sell.

Our want ads are for members looking for items.

The following is a list of the minimum requirements for any member of the SBMM to publish an ad on this website. All ads must include:

  • Sellers name
  • Phone or/and email address of the seller.
  • Cost, if item is being sold.
  • Pictures of the sale items or a reasonable description.

Submit all ads to our sales and want ads email address.

Publishing Policy

All ads will be displayed for a maximum of 60 days from time of its initial posting. If you wish for the ad to remain posted beyond this time, contact the webmaster. If a sale is completed before the date, please inform and update him, too.

This site is for SBMM members and may include items for sale or purchase of automotive related items that may be posted as a lead from a non- member. Leads from non-members must be posted by a member.

Use of this site for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

Any questions, please ask our president Rick Hageman, or the webmaster.