Club History and Story

The Slate Belt Mighty Mopar Car Club was formed in 1990 in Bangor, PA. The original founding members were Tim Sparrow and his brother, Roger.

The purpose of the club is to promote the Chrysler marquee, and the use and enjoyment of the vehicles by the members who keep and maintain them. Meetings are not highly structured, and members are encouraged to participate in the discussion and decision making process. Membership is open to any Mopar enthusiast, and the club membership contains a nice mix of original and restored Chrysler Products and Chrysler cars and trucks that have been modified.

Most members reside or work in the region, but local residency is not a requirement as there are several members who live in New Jersey. The club hosts several social functions each year. The hobby is, by its very nature, a never ending exchange of ideas and information, and an essential part of the mission of the club is to help foster that exchange.