From the President

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October 2nd, 2018 Happy Fall to everyone! Boy, what a wet and nasty cruise season! Many shows and cruises were cancelled or rescheduled due to the poor weather we experienced. I can’t recall having such continuous wet weather in a long time.

It’s been some time since I last updated this page and we have but 2 events remaining for this year. This coming Sunday, October 7th, rain or shine, will bring the Club’s Fall Fling. This show is for all makes of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. See our Facebook page for flyer information.

Now, for those that don’t know, the Club has reverted back to the Fall business meeting location of Reagle Dodge’s showroom. This meeting is now held on the 2nd WEDNESDAY evening at 7:00PM.This move was voted on and approved by the attending members a few months back.

The final outdoor event will be the Fall Foliage Cruise, Sunday, October 14th, which will end up at Beltzville State Park’s Pavilion # 1 (same as in the past few years). Details will be at the October 10th meeting. Tim Hageman will coordinate this run. The Club will supply all food and beverages (no alcoholic beverage allowed at the park). Check the final details at the Wednesday meeting or your email. Any questions? Call me!


May 13th, 2018. The show is canceled for today

May 6th, 2018

Those members attending Saturday’s 8AM show set-up, and after weighing the likelihood of inclement weather, decided it would be best to postpone the show until next Sunday, May 13th. We realize that anytime changes are made, it can cause conflict with schedules, however, in the best interest of the participants, we take that chance. Everyone who filled out a registration or, for that matter, decided to wait until the show date, knows the date can change. That’s why we put the rain date on the flyer.

Hope this clears up any misunderstandings anyone might have.

Further, when the club set the date, no one realized it was Mother’s Day. There was not one mention of it. At that time, we only looked at what other shows it would possible conflict with. A lesson learned.

May 5th, 2018

The SPRING FLING CAR SHOW scheduled for Sunday, May 6th, has be postponed to Sunday, May 13th, due to the impending foul weather. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

January 8th, 2018

As a reminder, the next SBMM Monthly Business Meeting will be held this Monday, January 8th, 2018, at the Reagle Dodge Dealership, Rt. 512 between Pen Argyl and Bangor. Meeting starts at 7:30PM!

From last months meeting the following was discussed and or voted on:

1. Harry Nasatka volunteered to be the alternate Treasurer, filling the vacancy created by former member, Bob Dotta.

2. Joe Strano offered to get traffic cones and was authorized to order 2 dozen, 18″ orange cones at $116.16 & S&H.

3. The new Spring show will be held on Sunday, May 6th at Reagle’s. This date change replaces the show we’ve held in August (scheduing conflict). Details to follow…

4. Treasurer’s report. As per club policy, come to meeting or phone an officer for the info.

5. Kudos to Harry Laughlin for dropping off the enclosed trailer. According to Vice President Bruce Ott, the club will need a Bill of Sale / Title for the donation. This way all will be legit.

6. Members voted on going to the Mt. Airy Buffet on Saturday, January 13th , meeting at the Buffet at 6:00PM. ACTIVE club members will have their buffet paid for by the club, Any guest(s) of the ACTIVE member will be responsible for their own.

7. It was suggested that purple T-shirts be worn for the members working the shows this year. Many years back, Gilda and Dale Hendershot had Cafe’ Mopar shirts printed up…they were a big hit! details to follow.

8. Club Annual Dues are now due!

And finally… please check your e-mail, Club’s FaceBook page, and our website (I have problems logging in from time to time), for any cancellations to the meetings! Depending on the severity of the weather that’s forecast for later today, the meeting may be postponed.

September 13th, 2017

The Club will be hosting it’s annual Fall Cruise and Picnic on Sunday, October 8th. All club members are invited to attend this rain or shine event. Weather permitting, please drive your antique, muscle, or classic as we will be “leaf peeping” and enjoying the changing colors. Meeting time for the southern members (south of the Gap) will be at the Sal’s / Country Junction parking lot at 9:00AM, then proceed to the northern meeting place. Northern members will meet in the old Ames parking lot in Brodheadsville, Route 209 and Weir Lake Road (just behind Shop Rite) by 9:30AM. Committee chairperson, Tim Hageman, will then provide the details of the cruise. The cruise will end up at Beltzville State Park, Pavilion # 1, reserved for the Club, about noon, where we will have hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and pretzels. Attending members are asked to bring a covered dish. The Club will also supply water and soda (State Park regulations prohibit alcoholic beverages). Please dress accordingly!!! Questions can be directed to Tim.

August 15th, 2017

Well, the Club’s second of two annual car shows are now behind us. Although we suffered from a lighter turn-out than hoped for, we had excellent weather and a field of fine vehicles. It seems that at each show it’s becoming more and more difficult to pick the winners. This show was no exception! Especially pleasing was the distance some cars traveled from and their club participation.

Again, I’d like to express kudos to all the active members who helped gel this show. All worked hard… and it shows! And we can’t forget our sponsors, for without them, there’d be no show. Our special thanks to….. (drum roll)…..

DJ-Jimmyk Kelly

Dolce Patisserie

Dotta Chrysler – Jeep

Jimmy’s Hilltop Ice Cream and Eatery

Ms. Motorama 2017, Tara Thorson

Reagle Dodge – RAM

Our next business meeting will be held on September 11th… a very special day to honor those that lost their lives. May we never forget! The meeting will start at 7:30PM at the Reagle Pavilion, weather permitting. Please bring your “input” for next year’s show schedule and suggestions for operating supplies, etc. An executive decision was made this past Saturday to spend $125 for a badly needed hot dog roller. As our luck would have it… it didn’t work and was returned yesterday. I made certain the exchanged one worked before I left the store. There will also be discussion on looking into getting an enclosed trailer to organize the Club’s supplies. That said, please keep your eyes open for a trailer that would fit our needs. We seriously need to discuss this and a few other things.

August 9th, 2017

The Club held it’s monthly business meeting one week early (August 7th) so as to prepare for this Sunday’s 2nd Annual Angel 34 All Makes Car Show. All members are invited to the set up this Saturday at 9:00AM. With enough hands, it shouldn’t take very long. Members are reminded to be at the show grounds about 6:30AM on Sunday to prepare for the show. Breakfast will once again, be served by our Mopar Chefs! This is a rain or shine show! Our DJ, Jim Kelly, will be spinning the tunes from 10AM to 2PM. Once again, the Club will be serving lunch and that includes Jimmy’s Ice Cream… don’t miss this show! The flyer is available on our home page, left side… See you there!

June 19th, 2017

Despite the imminent threat of rain, working Club members decided “The Show must go on” and so it did. There were a few “iffy” periods but by lunch time, the skies started to break up and we actually had blue skies with white clouds… a relief to all that attended. As expected, the earlier morning weather brought a drop in attendance. Approximately 11 out of 45 pre-registered vehicles were no shows and we ended up with just about 90 vehicles that included the members, about half of our usual shows. Special this show and by all accounts, a hit, was a breakfast menu featuring freshly made breakfast sandwiches at a very reasonable price. Working hard behind the grill were our two dedicated chefs and the ordering staff out front. These gals and guys are phenomenal!

Without these members, be they preparing food, selling T-shirts, taking registrations, directing and parking vehicles, and taking photos upon their arrival… the show would not be the success it is! Next year will mark our 29th Annual show! A special thanks to our club photographer, Jeremy…a job well done as evidenced by the comments I received about the photo of their car on the plaque. Thanks!

June 17th, 2017

Unless weather turns for the worse and looks to continue into show time tomorrow, the 28th Annual FDS Show will go on!

If otherwise, the announcement to cancel will come Sunday morning between 8:00 and 8:30AM. Check this page for any changes. Club members on the email list will also receive notice by email if canceled. Working members please be on the field by 7:00AM.

Info can also be found on the Club’s Facebook page.

May 24th, 2017

For those looking for the registration flyer for our 2nd Annual Angel 34 All Makes Show to be held on August 13th, the flyer is now complete and should be posted soon on this site. Also, I was asked by Lee Houser if I would mention that Jim Thorpe, PA will be having a Car Cruise on Thursday, June 15th. Starts at 5:30PM and goes to 8:30PM. There will be reserved parking and there will be a DJ, Door Prizes, Food, and Dash Plaques. Go to their site, to register. Looks like it will be a nice cruise in a beautiful historic town!

May 10th, 2017

Gearing up for the 2017 cruise and show seasons, I’ll start out by saying there are a number of local cruises and shows this month. Although the weather has been on the cool side, consider dropping by “Jimmy’s Hilltop Ice Cream” (the former Jopet Farms), Wednesdays about 5pm. Jimmy and his family give the cruisers a 10% discount on food and ice cream. Also, on Saturday, May 20th, be sure to stop by at the Nazareth Boro Park on North Broad Street, 4 to 7pm. Local DJ,Jim Kelly, has put together a winning combination by coordinating this cruise. Jim will also be our DJ for both our Father’s Day Show and our Angel 34 Show. A live vocal group, All Souled Out will entertain us at the Nazareth cruise.

The next day, Sunday, May 21st, will be the Wind Gap show…always a nice show. Hope to see you at these events.

This past Monday, May 8th, the Club held their monthly business meeting at Dotta’s. It was a bit too cold for being at the Pavilion! Plans were finalized for the FDS on June 18th. A flyer will be available soon for the Agel 34 show to be held on August 13th. Check back on this site for the registration link.

And finally, don’t forget to patronize our best dealers, Dotta’s and Reagle’s for all your MOPAR needs! Also, for those needing “Tuff” steering wheel work, see MCB Full Line Restorations located in Capac, MI regarding their restoration work. When I spoke to Matt, at MCB, I found him extremely knowledgeable and answered a number of questions I had. He and his partner, Scott, have a genuine interest in their work and strive to provide the best services available at reasonable cost. They specialize in steering wheel repairs, trim work, plastic and metal. Check out their website at: http:/ for their services. Matt told me their “slow” season starts in late Fall, about the time we put our cars in storage…so you won’t miss any cruises or shows… Give him a call at 810 395-7162.

March 23rd, 2017

Although we are nearing the end of March, the weather seems like it’s February. The past few days were windy enough to just about blow you off the road and for those of us north of the Blue Mountains… we still have plenty of snow on the ground.

This winter has given us plenty of time to get our rides ready for the upcoming cruises and show. Of special note, aside from our 28th Annual All Mopar Father’s Day Show and our 2nd Annual All Makes Angel 34 Show featuring former Miss Motorama, Cait Summer, we have a full boatload of cruises. Back this year will once again bring us to the “HILLTOP” on Route 115/209 on the east end of Brodheadsville. The day and times have not been yet set, but Jimmy Ferraro and family will be letting us know soon. Also, mark your calendars for a new cruise at the Nazareth Boro Park on North Broad St. in Nazareth. As planned, there is only one this year with the possibility of more. It’s Saturday, May 20th from 4 to 7 PM. Food is available and there will be a live band “All SOULed Out”! I listened to some of their You Tube videos and I’m impressed. This whole cruise was put together by DJ Jim Kelly. If you recall, Jim donated his time and equipment at our Angel 34 show last year. Also, Jim coordinated Easton’s Strip Cruise the 1st year before it went south. The Nazareth Cruise is sponsored by those Blue Oval people… you know the ones we only see in our rear view mirrors…

Flyers are now available for the FDS and will be posted here on our web page in the next day or two. If you need one sooner, send an email to and we’ll get one emailed back to you in pdf format. AND don’t forget… SBMM’s Cafe Mopar will have made-to-order breakfast sandwiches for purchase this year thanks to the hard working girls and guys!

See you soon!

August 30th, 2016

This past Sunday, August 28th, marked our 1st Annual All Makes Car Show which benefited the Angel 34 Foundation. For those unaware, Angel 34 is a local foundation established to assist those families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer.

I am pleased to announce that our Club raised and presented over $1600 to the Angel 34 Foundation. On behalf of our Club, I thank each and every one of you, active members and participants alike, in helping to make this show the success it was.

As with most Clubs, there is a core of dedicated individuals who are active. As these active individuals receive no pay for their hard work, the Club rewards them with show day beverages and meals. Another benefit comes after our last show in the form of a Club Picnic, generally accompanied by a “Cruise”. This is provided at no cost to the active member. Being classified as an “active” member is easy… all the member needs to do is attend more than half of our monthly business meetings AND actively attend and assist at at least one of the two shows… not very much to ask of a member. As is said by the Pennsylvania Germans, “Many hands make light work”, so please join in.

In an update to the club picnic, after totaling the expenses and receipts after this last show, a decision was made to make some “adjustments” to the plans for this picnic. We are cancelling the Bady’s Grove Bake and am working on an alternative which will be less costly to the Club. After a review of the costs, it was close to $50 per person. It could not be justified to spend that amount.

Please mark your calendars for our next monthly business meeting, Monday, September 12th, and plan to attend. The Club Officers will be glad to answer any questions any member has.

See you at the next meeting!

August 22nd, 2016

Fall is fast approaching and before the end of this year’s cruise season, we have our Club’s final show!
This is our ALL MAKES car show that will benefit a local foundation for children with cancer and their families. ANGEL 34 is the foundation, and we urge you to support this worthy cause. And again, this is an ALL Makes show! Hope to see you there!!!

Members, please remember we are setting up for the show this coming Saturday (27th) at 9:00am. I expect this to take about 1 hour. On Sunday (28th) please try to be at the show field by 7:00am. We will have made to order breakfast sandwiches and drinks, including coffee, prepared by the skillful hands of Chefs, Bob and Harry.

The next Club meeting will be held on September 12th, where we will finalize the Club Picnic that will be held at Bady’s Grove on Sunday, September 25th, starting about noon!

June 8th, 2016

Two noteworthy items! First, please plan on attending the Club’s Monthly Business Meeting being held on Monday, June 13th at 7:30pm at the Reagle Dodge Pavilion. Members will have the opportunity to purchase the Father’s Day Show event shirts at the club member’s price. Will will finalize our plans for next weeks show and set the date/time for set-ups.

I had the pleasure of calling MCB Full Line Restorations located in Capac, MI regarding restoration work on Tuff steering wheels. I spoke to Matt, who was extremely knowledgeable and answered a number of questions I had. He and his partner, Scott, have a genuine interest in their work and strive to provide the best services available at reasonable cost. They specialize in steering wheel repairs and trim work, plastic and metal. Check out their website at: for their services. Matt told me their “slow” season starts in late Fall, about the time we put our cars in storage…so you won’t miss any cruises or shows… Give him a call!

May 3, 2016

Meeting reminder… Monday, May 9th, 2016 at Dotta Chrysler – Jeep Showroom… weather is too unsettled for the pavilion! Meeting time is 7:30pm!

April 11th, 2016

Meeting reminder for tonight…7:30pm at Dotta Chrysler – Jeep dealership showroom. Hope to see you there!

March 6th, 2016

For those wishing to attend Vince’s services:

Bolock Funeral Home, Cresco, Pa on Route940.
Times are Tuesday 2-4pm and 6-830pm.

A Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, 10am at Our Lady of Victory RC Church, Tannersville, PA.

Per Tommy Pepe,
Antique and Classic vehicles are welcomed to attend and reserved spaces will be provided at the funeral home.

Dear Club Members and Friends,

It is with much sadness that I let you know we have lost a valued, giving, kind member, Vince Ruocco.

Vince passed away about midnight. His suffering is over.

As you know Vince was nick-named the “Shirt Nazi” as he took a special interest in setting up and designing our Club’s Father’s Day Show shirts and could always be found at our Shirt Table, seldom taking but a few minutes break during the show. For those that did not know him well, he sometimes came across as being hard-nosed, but for those that did know him, he was quite the opposite!

I considered him a Good Friend and Vince will be greatly missed!!!

As soon as his arrangements are known, I will pass on this information.

My God Bless Him and May He Rest in Peace as we keep his Family and Friends in our Thoughts and Prayers.



February 10th, 2016

Dear Club Members,

Over the past 2 business meetings, the Club members in attendance, have discussed the Winter Banquet and the balance in our treasury. As we all know, initially, there is a considerable outlay of money to prepare for the 2 shows we host so we are watching our expenditures.

That said, the attending members at our meeting this past Monday, February 8th, after much deliberation, voted to do the following:

The Winter Banquet will be held on Saturday, February 20th, 2016, 5:30pm, at DALTON’S COLUMBIA INN,
Washington and Decatur Sts, located in Columbia, NJ. Columbia is located opposite Portland, PA.

FROM PORTLAND PA: Cross the bridge into New Jersey and as soon as the bridge ends make an immediate right, go about 5 yards and make another hard right (the river will be right in front of you) stay on that road about 3 blocks and you will be at the back of the restaurant and just swing around to the front for parking.

If you get lost, call the restaurant for directions at: 908 496-4700.

Because of “No Shows” in the past, the Club has had to pay for the meals, thus, the members voted that any one wishing to attend must pay a $20 fee per person to show good faith. When the active member and their guest(s) arrive at DALTON’s, the money will be refunded for the active member’s portion. The member may also donate the $20 to the Club if they desire.

An active member is defined as a current member in good standing who attends more than 1/2 of the monthly meetings and/or helps with at least one of the two shows we host. A member who fits into this category will have the Club pay for his meal. His or her guest(s) will have to pay for their own. Non active members will have to pay for their own.

The menu and cost is as follows:

$25.00 which includes 7% State Tax and 18% gratuity.

Meal is served “Family Style”

Turkey and Ham
Mashed potatoes
Coffee, Tea, or Soda

SHORT NOTICE DEADLINE: Bruce or I have to know your intentions by Tuesday, February 16th at 4:00pm so we can give a count to the restaurant. We also need your $20.00 per person reservation. If you make a reservation to us without paying and you are a “No Show” then you will have to reimburse the Club for the full amount of $25.00 per person.


February 8th, 2016

Just a reminder that tonight is our monthly business meeting at 7:30pm, Dotta Chrysler – Jeep, Rt. 512 between Pen Argyl and Bangor.  Items to be discussed include the winter banquet, our members, our upcoming Father’s Day Show, etc.  Please plan on attending.

January 29th, 2016

Please bear with us as we wade through the changeover and construction of our website.  We’ve experienced some technical difficulties and now appear to be on the road to recovery.  First I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Cai Copley, son of member Duane Copley, for the time and energy he has spent on the start-up construction and maintenance of this site.  He did a great job and we wish him well in his future endeavours!

Our new webmaster is John Zetterman, the Lead Server Engineer, at a “not-so-local” state university.  John comes to us with tons of experience in troubleshooting servers and computer systems and web building.  He’s married, has 5 beautiful children, and 4 dogs… enough to keep anyone busy! John, the club welcomes you and your services.


In other news, the Club’s next Business Meeting will be help on Monday, February 8th at 7:30pm, Dotta Chrysler – Jeep, on Rt. 512 between Pen Argyl and Bangor.

Please note we now have the 2016 Father’s Day All Mopar Car Show flyer available for download on this site.  Look on the left sidebar for the link, click on it for the pdf format and print it off.

Plans are being finalized for the Club’s Winter Banquet, to be held tentatively, on Saturday, February 20th, 2016, at 6:30pm. At last month’s meeting, the members clarified and voted on a few issues associated with having a banquet. 1: That the Club will pay for the member and 1 guest, IF, that member has actively participated in one of the two Club’s hosted shows and attends the monthly business meetings. 2: To require a $20 per person deposit for those making a reservation. This was necessary due to past issues where members obligated themselves for the banquet/clambake and then failed to show. The Club ended up having to pay no-shows. 3: Upon arrival at the banquet, the active member will be given 2 choices: A: The return of the deposit for the number that attends, or B: donate all or part of the deposit to the club. 4: Those members that have not actively participated are more than welcome to attend at their own expense but must still make reservations and deposits. Their deposits will not be returned.

Reservations and the deposits need to be in the Club’s hands by February 15th.

As time is running short, I will finalize the location, etc, and pass it on.


January 10th, 2016

Just a reminder… Our club member’s monthly business meeting will be held tomorrow, January 11th at the Dotta Chrysler – Jeep dealership on Route 512 between Pen Argyl and Bangor. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM.  Hope to see you there!


November 9th, 2015

Just a reminder… Our club member’s monthly business meeting will be held tonight at the Dotta Chrysler – Jeep dealership on Route 512 between Pen Argyl and Bangor. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM. Hope to see you there!  Food and drinks will be provided.

October 12, 2015

Just a reminder… Our club member’s monthly business meeting will be held tonight at the Dotta Chrysler – Jeep dealership on Route 512 between Pen Argyl and Bangor. The meeting starts at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there!


October 2, 2015

Here’s the latest on the Club’s Fall Cruise (October 4th):

As planned, those conveniently living near Sal’s Restaurant (previously known as Laneco/Ashley Furniture/Country Junction) can assemble there by 9:30am, Sunday morning and meet up with Pocono members at the old Ame’s Plaza, Rt. 209 and Weir Lake Road, (now Peebles/Mike’s Pizza/Mr. Mattress) by 10:00. We will then take a tour as mapped out by Tim Hageman and end up approximately 12 Noon at Linda and Arnie Poccia’s house.

For those not planning on the run but wishing to stop by at the Poccia’s…about Noon, here are their directions: In Brodheadsville at the Wa-Wa (Rts. 209 and 715), travel 4.5 miles north on 715.

Make a right onto Rising Hill Road and go to first stop intersection. Turn left onto Lupine Dr. and go to the 2nd driveway on the right. That’s Linda and Arnies! Questions? Give Tim H. or me.


September 28th, 2015

As a final outdoor club function, Tim Hageman will have information on the Club’s Fall Foliage Run which is on Sunday, October 4th, time and route to be announced.  We will end the run at Linda and Arnie’s home.   Here’s hoping for great weather, colorful leaves, and a great time. This is a rain or shine event.   More later!

September 13th, 2015

First off, many thanks for those of you that came to today’s belated Father’s Day All Mopar car show. We expected attendance to be way down, but we were surprised we did so well despite the torrential rain we had last evening and into the early morning hours.

Also, many thanks to our great club members who gave their time so freely in making this show a success. It was great to see some clubs that I expected might not show due to the unsettled weather….but they weren’t deterred.

It seems that each show brings new faces and new cars and the quality just keeps getting better and better.

As a reminder, don’t forget our business meeting tomorrow evening at Reagle’s Pavilion…7:30pm. We’ll have a recap and critique of the shows. Tim S. will have our figures.

And as a final outdoor club function, Tim Hageman will have information on the Club’s Fall Foliage Run which is on Sunday, October 4th, time and route to be announced.  We will end the run at Linda and Arnie’s home.   Here’s hoping for great weather, colorful leaves, and a great time. This is a rain or shine event.   More later!

Again my thanks, and a personal apology for not helping more at the end of the show. During the show I received a cellphone call from a friend who lives in South Carolina. I haven’t seen him in over 25 years and he was here for his 50th Easton High School class reunion and returns home early tomorrow. It was great seeing and talking to a longtime neighborhood friend. Thanks, Frank for stopping by!!!!!

Thanks to our superb photographer…great shots of the cars, Jeremy!

Those pics and others to be posted soon.

August 31st, 2015

A long time friend (also a past Mopar guy with a Super Bee and later a Demon) sent me this earlier today…

“Yesterday was the Valor Car Show put on by the Slate Belt Mighty Mopars to benefit the Valor Clinic Foundation,, that helps Veterans. It was held at Reagle Dodge in Bangor. An interesting array of cars and trucks came to the event to benefit the Veterans.
There was a 50/50, door prizes, free coffee and donuts for the participants, food, and trophies for the the top ten, best of show stock, and best of show custom picked by people from Valor. A nice show for a good cause.
The one trophy winner you may recognize is Sal Albanese

Here is the link

If you click or cut and paste the  above link, you’ll find quite an array of pics from our show.



August 3rd, 2015

Just a reminder that our monthly business meeting will be held on Monday,  August 10th, at the Reagle Dodge Pavilion (weather permitting) at 7:30pm.  Please attend so we can tie up any loose ends with our upcoming two car shows.

Also, please plan on attending the Hi-Winders 16th Annual Car Show in Wind Gap, being held on Sunday, August 16th.  Plenty of cool cars, trucks, and food.  See you there!


July 14th, 2015

The Father’s Day Car Show has been rescheduled for Sunday, September 13th, with a rain date of September 27th!  Hope to see all of you there!


June 28th 2015

The Father’s Day Car Show, planned for today, has been cancelled due to the weather conditions.  It will be rescheduled for sometime in September.  Thanks for your understanding.


June 27th, 2015

Please see the latest Father’s Day Car Show information on our main page.  Thanks!!!


May 28th, 2015

Our next monthly business meeting will be held on June 8th, 2015 at Reagle’s pavilion.  The meeting starts at 6:30pm and we are starting earlier than usual to prepare for the 26th Annual Father’s Day Show.  We will also set the time we will meet for the set-up of the show.  This will be the day before.

Thanks to all our members, Dotta’s, Reagle’s, and especially our sponsors and participants who make the show what it is.

April 10th, 2015

Club Members:

Please be advised and mark your calendars as the Club’s April monthly business meeting will be held on Monday, April 13th, 2015, at 7:30pm, at Reagle Dodge, Rt. 512, across from Dotta Chrysler – Jeep. As most of you know, Bob Dotta had been in the hospital, is now at home, and is on the mend.

Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers for a continued recovery.

Also, please welcome new member, Mark Murmello, Brodheadsville when you see him. Mark and his father, Bud, have been long attending our Father’s Day Shows!




March 17th, 2015

A Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to all of you!

Just to bring you up to date…
My son, Tim, and I attended a meeting set up by Jim Kelly, last evening at Valenca, in downtown Easton. There were approximately 20 others who included Mayor Sal Panto, 2 business owners (Valenca and Chee-burger Chee-burger), and reps from some local car clubs.
Discussed were major issues which included parking, security, and business patronization and their incentives (AKA discounts). At this point, it looks like the cruise/parking will start at 4:00pm and run upwards to 9pm. 
The dates selected are:
May 23rd
June 20th
July 18th
August 15th
Sept. 5th (Final cruise of season)
The April 18th Cruise was cancelled
New this year will be parking passes that will get handed out. This pass will allow you to parking your vehicle in the preferred parking, away from daily drivers. This pass will stay in your car and be displayed on your dash.The Mayor promised more spaces and better accommodations than last year. Also, no tickets from the EPA. Once you park, head on over to the Circle and visit with Jim or one of the assistants who will provide you with another card which will list the business sponsors and what they are offering the Cruisers. It’s most important to patronize these businesses…they are the lifeblood of this cruise…the more we participate, the more we will get. Each person in your car gets a food pass.
Please be respectful and courteous. Last year brought zero complaints to the City from it’s residents…let’s do it again this year!
As a note, one of last evening’s attendees suggested there be a $5 seasonal charge for the parking pass. A few others followed. Bud Cole (Easton Area Corvette Club) and I objected, saying this might be counterproductive and thought it better to have a freewill donation can at the DJ’s table. If you want to drop some money in…great, as it will go towards music, and other expenses. Jim Kelly will canvass the business owners for their input and assistance. 
So, this being said, I’m hopeful all of you will consider this Cruise. I realize it got off to a rocky start last year, but it looks positive this year. For those of us who “lived” at “The Strip” back in the 60’s and 70’s, you know the fun we had…let’s do it again!
The VALOR Show Flyer is ready to be released and will appear soon on this website along with our Father’s Day Show Flyer which is on our Home Page.  Download them in pdf format, print them  and send them in!
February  17th, 2015

Despite the very cold weather and threat of snow, our monthly business meeting was held last evening at Dotta Chrysler – Jeep.  Considerable progress was made in deciding plans for both upcoming shows to be hosted by the club.  The Hi-Winders offer to sponsor the Best of Show – Modified trophy at the VALOR show  was warmly received and accepted by all.  Thanks, Hi-Winders!

For those not knowing, the Club, in addition to this website, also has a Facebook page…join by going to the FB searchbar and typing in SLATE BELT MIGHTY MOPARS, then click to join.

More to follow with our monthly newsletter…
February 9th, 2015


Tonight’s monthly meeting at Dotta Chrysler – Jeep has been CANCELLED due to inclement weather and has been rescheduled for next Monday, February 16th, at 7:30pm.


January 13th, 2015

In spite of the inclement weather last evening, the Club held it’s monthly business meeting at Dotta’s.  A number of important issues were covered and decided upon.  Our guest speaker was Mark Baylis, Co-founder of VALOR, a foundation for homeless U.S. Military Veterans located in Jonas.   The members finalized the dates for the 26th Annual Father’s Day Show (June 21st) and the VALOR AllMakes Car Show (August 30th).  The flyers for both shows will be posted on this site.  Presently, there is no early registration for the VALOR Show.  This is subject to change.  100% of the gate and drawing proceeds from this show will benefit VALOR.  More to follow.

December 2nd, 2014

Well, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us and as we head to the end of 2014, we look forward to having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   In celebration, please consider attending the next business meeting to be held at Doughboys at 7:00pm on Monday, December 8th.  The meeting will be short.

And at this time I want to thank all of our sponsors, especially Bob Dotta and Bruce Ott, their families and dealerships, for all that they have given our club this year.  Without them we’d be nothing.

On a positive note, the Club is moving ahead with plans for a “first time” all makes car show to be held in either Summer or Fall 2015 to replace the Stick show that we no longer will be a part of.  We wish the best to the Hi-Winders in their endeavors.

Hope to see you Monday!



November 8th, 2014

A reminder for all club members:

Our monthly business meeting will be held this coming Monday, November 10th, 2014 @ 7:30pm, Dotta Chrysler – Jeep Dealership.  Please plan on attending.  To be discussed  will be further planning on the proposed Fall car show.  The idea is that with the loss of the revenue that was generated by the Sticks Reunion show, the club will be able to maintain a healthy balance in the treasury.  One thought was that 100% of gate receipts would be donated to a local charity/good cause with the club controling and profiting from food, drink, and ice cream sales.  To make this idea work we need your suggestions.  See you on Monday evening.

October 14th, 2014

For those members unable to make the Club’s business meeting last evening, a number of items on the agenda were discussed.  Those items included last week’s Fall Foliage Cruise and Picnic.  Everyone attending had a great time and decided that hot chocolate and coffee would have been a great addition.  That being said, it will be included in next year’s event.

Also discussed, was the one sided “Divorce” initiated by the Hi-Winders Car Club, with the Hi-Winders severing us from the annual Sticks Reunion.  Attempts were made by this Club’s Sticks Reunion Committee to have a meeting with them in an effort to resolve their differences, however our last requests went unanswered.  Also, not being true to their word, our Club received but 21 of 141 unsold event T-shirts.  We should have received 70.  At the meeting last evening, a few members stated that, among other comments, this divorce was a “Blessing in Disguise”.

In light of not participating any longer in the Sticks Reunion, and needing an alternate method of generating the money lost, some members expressed an interest in having a Fall Car Show in October or November.  Among other comments, the members agreed that this might be another way.  Another comment was that we operate our own food and ice cream stands at the Father’s Day Show instead of having a concession come in, as in the past few years.  Harry will research the costs involved to see if it’s feasible and profitable.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.


October 7th, 2014

Thanks to the 26 members who braved a cold and windy day and supported our Fall Foliage Run and Picnic, this past Sunday.  The Club furnished hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments, snacks, potato salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, soda, and water.  For dessert, we enjoyed the Club’s traditional “cake”.  What we did need and didn’t have, was hot chocolate and coffee.  Something to consider for next year!

All in all, we had a nice ride along the Blue Mountain, ending up a the Beltzville State Park pavilion.

As a reminder, please don’t forget we will have our monthly club business meeting on Monday, October 13th.  This meeting will be held starting at 7:00pm at the Dotta Chrysler-Jeep Showroom.   As it is apparent we will not be involved in the Sticks Reunion show next year, there have been numerous members who have suggested we consider having our own show.  Considering we have been doing our Father’s Day Car Show for over 25 years, without outside assistance,  the ideas seem sound.  Bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns to this meeting.  We will need to plan now to bring it to fruition should that be the direction.

We will also discuss what steps, if any, we will take regarding only receiving 21 out of 141 T-shirts from the other club.  Our share was to be 70.


September 7, 2014

Just two reminders…

An extremely important business meeting will take place tomorrow, Monday, September 8th, 2014, at 7:00pm, at the Reagle Dodge  Pavilion.  A major issue has surfaced which needs all member’s attention.  Please plan on attending.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 5th!  SBMM’s will host their Fall Foliage Run and Picnic, starting at Dotta/Reagles on Rt. 512 and ending up at Beltzville State Park, Pavilion # 1.  Please let me know the number attending and see the note in our latest newsletter!

August 18, 2014

Yesterday, the Slate Belt  Mighty Mopars and the Hi-Winders hosted their annual “Sticks Car Show” at the Mountain View Drag Strip located in Bushkill Township, just off Route 512.  From all accounts, it was a successful show, albeit a brief rough start, weatherwise.

Attendance was up and I was told, unofficially, we surpassed 206 vehicles.  I’d like to add that there appeared to be a lot more cars and trucks that were very unique or well presented.

Many thanks to our members who came on Saturday morning for the show set-up and again returning yesterday, to assist with the operations and clean-up.

Now, we look forward to our Club’s picnic in October.

Our next scheduled meeting will be held on September 8th at 7:00pm at the Reagle Dodge Pavilion, weather permitting, or at Dotta’s showroom.




August 12, 2014

Dear Members,
At our monthly business meeting last evening, the members present, finalized the day, times, and location of our Club Picnic. A few details need to be completed, but please mark your calendars for:
Sunday, October 5th, 2014
We will meet at the Dotta/Reagle dealerships by 10:00AM and plan on pulling out by 10:15AM.
As this is a rain or shine event, feel free to bring your daily driver.
We will take a leisurely tour, taking in the Fall colors and plan on arriving at Pavilion #1, Beltzville State Park, off Pohopoco Drive, Carbon County,about 12 Noon. As a reminder, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on state park property (PA PARKS told me to mention this…so I did!). We have this pavilion reserved, it’s ADA accessible, has restrooms directly next to it, and has plenty of parking. As the club will be furnishing the food (at a considerable savings over a catered bake), we will need a head count by September 21st. As in the past, the club member and 1 guest are included without charge. Any additional guests you would like to bring will be at a additional cost to be determined (probably about $5 each).
The club plans on furnishing the following:
Hot Dogs
Salads (like potato salad, macaroni, etc)
Plates, Napkins, Utensils
and of course…a cake!
Please let me know ASAP if you plan on attending. Cancellations less than 3 days prior to the picnic may result in a request to recover your share of the cost of items we purchased.


August 5, 2014

Can you believe it…it’s the first week of August…where did July go?  On tap for this month will be our monthly business meeting to be held next Monday at 7:00pm at the Reagle Pavilion.  Please try to make this as we will finalize out work duties for the Sticks Show.

Yesterday, Bruce, Harry, Vince, and I met at Reagle’s Butler building and tackled the remains of our Father’s Day Show.  We sorted and organized everything and gathered items for the Sticks goody bags.  We reviewed the FDS registrations and the unclaimed plaques.  I will make an attempt to match the vehicles with the registrations and contact the owners to see what they would like us to do with their plaques.  Unless they want to pay for shipping, they can make arrangements to get their’s at one of our meetings.

The Sticks committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 13th, 7:00pm at the Trolley Restaurant, Rt. 512, East Bangor.  Your attendance would be appreciated.

The Sticks Pre Show clean up and goody bag stuffing will be held on Saturday,  August 16 at 7:00am.  Please meet at the show field.  If interested in breakfast, meet at the Family & Friends Country Restaurant about 6:00am.  Rt. 512 near the show field.

Easton’s last “Strip” cruise will also be held later in the day (5:00pm).  Jim Kelly has made some changes, parking wise…he’s doing his best…come support your club, and sample what Easton has to offer.

Sticks Show, Sunday, August 17th…club members wear your club attire and hats…meet by 7:00am at the show field.

Club picnic to be announced as soon as plans are finalized.


July 5, 2014

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July.  Lots of things going on this month!  Dodge is releasing more info on their latest monsters…The Hellcats.  Seems that this Fall they may launch the SRT Charger and later the Challenger.  Both will sport 707 raw horses…no prices yet.

Please plan on attending our July monthly business meeting on Monday, July 14th, at 7:00pm, the pavilion.  Info will be presented on our very successful Father’s Day Show.    We will also bring you up to date on the Stick’s show.

As a reminder, Easton’s Cruise on Northampton Street will be held, Saturday, July 19th.  They are trying hard to correct the blunders that the City drops on them.  PARKING is the #1 issue and MUST be corrected or they will not succeed.  Jim Kelly is doing his best to steer them in the right direction.


June 22, 2014

Last evening some of our members attended the 2nd Strip Cruise in Easton.  The promoters appear to be working hard to make this work .  There are still a few issues, the main one being the parking, or shall I say “lack of”?  The Quadrant was opened, however despite signs, barriers and cones,  there were at least 8 or 9 daily drivers parked in spaces reserved for our classics, from 5pm to 9pm.  Easton PD did an excellent job, and all those illegal vehicles were ticketed with $25 violations.  That’s a good start.  Now…we need the City Fathers to provide more in-town parking and I’d suggest going 1/2 to 1 block off Center Square (north & south on Northampton Street and east & west on 3rd Street) to allow more parking.  From what I could see, most, if not all local businesses were doing a brisk trade.  After stopping in at the Carmelcorn Shop, I entered into conversation with the owner.  He asked what we, the Cruisers, get for doing this.  I told him “Nothing but the satisfaction of having others look and appreciate the past of motoring history”.  I went on to say that at some other cruises we receive door prizes and/or store discounts.  He asked if that was happening at this cruise.  I told him “No”, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t.  I told him I am the President of the Slate Belt Mighty Mopars, a club that’s been around for 25 years, and it’s rewarding for the members.

Jim Kelly, working with what he has, has been doing a great job.  We all know how difficult organizing shows and cruises can be…don’t we?  So the next one is scheduled for July 19th…please try to make it!

June 17th, 2014

Well, the 25th Annual All Mopar Father’s Day Car Show is now behind us and from what can be seen…it was a complete success!  Many thanks to those members  who took time away from their families on this day and “worked” the show.  I’d rather not mention their names individually, short of missing someone, but we all know who you are!  If you were an active working member that day and didn’t get your show hat, please make certain you are at the next meeting, July14th at the pavilion to get it.   And we certainly can’t forget the sponsors of our show, because without them, we would never have the show!  Special thanks to Bob Dotta of Dotta Chrsyler – Jeep and Bruce Ott of Reagle Dodge for allowing us to “take over” their dealerships for this one day event!  Also, KUDOS are in store for our photographer, Jeremy, who did a fantastic job taking the pictures for our day of show plaques. There are times we fail to appreciate the service and also what these dealerships do for us.  So give them a pat on the back, and when you see them, tell them thanks!  I know they’ll appreciate it.

Late last evening, Jim Kelly, who has been coordinating the Easton, Northampton Street Cruises, phoned me to ask / invite our members to a last minute function that Porter’s Pub, corner of Northampton Street and 7th Street, wants to set up.  Technically, it’s not a cruise, but Porter’s is hoping to have some muscle cars stop by and just park around the area, perhaps even stopping in to sample their fare.  I do not know if, at this time there will be any specials. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 25th.   4pm to 8pm is the time slot.


June 14th, 2014

It appears that we will have excellent weather tomorrow for our 25th Annual show!  Forecasters are saying it should be sunny with a high of 80 degrees, perfect weather for an anniversary car show.  The members have been hard at work, and Bruce and Bob have been going ten different directions at once.  Today and tomorrow, the Raminator will be on the grounds, so stop by to see this monster truck.  Again, all members are urged to be at the showgrounds by 7am for an early morning set-up.  I plan on being there just after 6 as there is lots to do.

Also, it’s not too late for anyone to download a flyer/registration form and bring it to the show tomorrow morning.  Doing this will simplify and speed up your check-in.

A decision was made at our last meeting to have all cars proceed to a parking space just after being photographed and after parking, the registrant will proceed to the registration tent for processing.  Every car at the show must display a dash card.  There is no class parking this year.  Parking is first come, first served.  See you then!

June 12th, 2014

For those members not at our last monthly meeting, the set-up day and time for the Father’s Day Show will be early Sunday morning by 7:00am. Cars will be arriving shortly after that time but we will not process any until our photographer is set up and ready to go.

Weather is expected to be excellent! Bring your sunscreen!

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

As a reminder, don’t forget our meeting tomorrow night at Reagle’s…starts at 7:00pm and we will have food and liquid refreshments.

Also, a reminder from Jim Kelly, who has been setting up the Easton, Northampton “The Strip” Street cruises….next one is June 21st…don’t miss it! Changes have been made, so come to the meeting to find out!

Should we have inclement weather for the Father’s Day Show, any changes will be posted on this website as soon as possible. So check here and your emails!

May 29th, 2014

Thanks to those of you that showed for the first of four monthly “Cruise the Strip” cruises on Northampton Street in Easton. There were some issues (parking, meters, & traffic) that I am told are being addressed and rectified before the next scheduled cruise on June 21st. Please mark your calendars!

On another note, the Sticks Reunion Committee met on this past Tuesday with a disappointing representatrion of our club. There were only 3 of us, Duane, Vince, and myself , as opposed to 10 Hi-Winders. Nothing was mentioned about our involvement, however, it would be better if we can get some new blood involved. One thing mentioned was that the Hi-Winders asked each club member supply a $10 door prize. As a thought, perhaps it might be better to let the club agree on a fixed amount and donate that towards the give-aways. Your thoughts please at the next meeting.

The next club meeting is just before the FDS. 7:00pm on Monday, June 9th. We will make our decision on the photog shoot spot and fill the goody bags. Thanks!

May 16th, 2014

From club member, Dale Hendershot, comes the following information:

Bill’s Service, located on Nazareth Pike (Rt. 191) just south of Nazareth, plans on holding a Cruise at his business on Sunday, July 27th, 2014. As more information is released, this page will be updated.

May 15th, 2014

I invite all of you to follow this link on Chrysler’s latest development for Dodge. As most of you now know, SRT has had some changes and here is an exciting new product, the Turbo Encabulator:

Click the arrow to start , sit back, and enjoy Chrysler’s latest technology!

May 7th, 2014

Last evening I attended the Joe’s Steak Shop cruise and there were close to 250 cars and trucks in attendance. It was a perfect night until one of our member’s (my son, James), had his car rear ended in Bethlehem on his way to the cruise. The only good thing was a Ford product…and not a Mopar (just kidding, James). Tonight, weather permitting, Hilltop will make their 2nd attempt Kick-off cruise. Last Wednesday’s cruise was totally rained out. Finger’s crossed. Also, for those that don’t know, Tim Sparrow’s car was posted on the Cars & Coffee Lehigh Valley facebook page. Great shot!

Coming up is the Easton “Cruise the Strip” cruise. Last evening at Joe’s I met Jim Kelly, the driving force in this venture. Jim is very excited as it’s been many years since Easton has participated in something like this. If you’ve ever spent time at the Strip, you likely and fondly remember the fun it was. So please, mark your calendars for May 24th, 6 to 9PM. It’ll be a night of Cruising, Music, Dancing, Fun, and Great Food from the local eateries! Parking will be provided on Northampton Street so don’t miss this one!

Don’t forget our meeting on Monday (12th) at the Reagle Pavilion and if Winter still sticking around, we’ll go indoors at one of the two dealerships. Watch for the next update!

May 5th, 2014

Just like a highly tuned Mopar, our new website is off to a running start!

First, I’d like to thank club member Duane Copley for “volunteering” his son, Charlie, into doing the start-up of our new website.  He’s making it look easy and I think he actually enjoys doing it!

A big part of having a successful website is having member participation.  All it will cost is a little time and effort on your behalf.  What we are looking for is for you to submit pictures of all your Mopar products so we can include them on our “Members” page.  These pictures can be vehicles you presently have and those you’ve previously owned.  If you have a story that goes with the vehicle and want to share it…please feel free!

Remember,  we will only release the information you want the other members and public to see.  We will never give out addresses and phone numbers, or any personal information, for that matter.

And of course, we are open to any suggestions, comments, complaints, concerns…that’s how we will make this a topnotch site.

As I first started out, many thanks to our webmaster, Charlie, and I hope he knows just how much we appreciate her skills in putting this together…I know I’d never be able to do this…at 65 years old, although not completely computer literate, this is beyond my current ability!  And if his time permits, I’d love if he could make our next business meeting so we can meet and thank her for such a great job!

Watch for updates and additions and I hope to see all of you at the next meeting!