Slate Belt Mighty Mopars

The Shows are on!!!!!

IMPORTANT NOTICE – SEE  LATEST UPDATES section for all up to date info!!!

Welcome 2020! The Club plans are underway for two shows this year. The first show will be our 31st ANNUAL ALL MOPAR FATHER’S DAY CAR & TRUCK SHOW, held on Father’s Day, June 21st and our ALL MAKES CAR, TRUCK, & MOTORCYCLE SHOW held on Sunday, July 26th. Both of these shows are at Reagle Dodge.

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members who have actively taken part in the club’s activities by attending our monthly business meetings and the preparation and work necessary to successfully “pull off” our two car shows. This is a core of deeply dedicated women and men who give their time so freely!

Second, our many, many, thanks to all of the sponsors who contributed to our events and…

Third, for which there would be none of the above, those faithful and dependable individuals who attend our two shows with their vehicles!

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The featured car, owned by club founder and current president Tim Sparrow is his 1971 Plymouth Road Runner 383 with the numbers matching engine.  It’s a real FC7 Plum Crazy car with white buckets, white interior, and factory air.  It sports a console automatic and has the elasometric front bumper and rear window louvers which were added later.  Tim bought the car in January 2020 and it’s registered with the Chrysler Historic Car Registry.  Since owning the car, he has been able to track down the original build sheet.  He plans on the car getting plenty of use this coming season.   Thanks for sharing your car, Tim!

To have your car featured, please email a photo of your car to the club Webmaster, John Zetterman.

The Club’s monthly business meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00PM.  Unless otherwise noted, October through April, the meetings are held in the Reagle Dodge dealership’s showroom and weather permitting, May through September, at Reagle Dodge’s outdoor pavilion.

The Slate Belt Mighty Mopar Car Club was established in 1990 for those interested in all ChryslerCorporation cars and trucks, and to promote the Chrysler marquee. We are an open and family-friendly group, open to anyone with Mopar enthusiasm and owner. We have various shows throughout the year, and we are dedicated to original, restored, and modified vehicles. Our hobby and club is, by its very nature, a never ending exchange of ideas and information. This is an essential part of the mission of the club is to help foster that exchange.

We have made available information about our club membership (note: PDF download). If you have questions about the club, including membership, contact our club president, Tim Sparrow; for website and technical inquiries, please contact the webmaster.