James Hageman

2004 Dodge Viper

James meeting Ralph Gilles. the President and CEO of the SRT Brand; and Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler. This beast in stock form, except for the Mopar Performance Race exhaust, K&N air system, and a short throw shifter.  It sported a 500 hp, V10 engine, with black top, black interior, and Viper Red body.  A no frills machine, it was personally signed by one of the greatest SRT people, Ralph Gilles.

James’ accident in November of 2013, just 1/4 mile from his father’s house.  James swerved to miss a large plastic bag filled with poached deer carcasses, which someone had dropped in a blind spot of the road.  With temps in the high 30’s/low 40’s the tires broke loose.  One picture shows James praying to the Viper gods for redemption and forgiveness.  He promises he will soon have another one….Snakeskin Green will be his goal!

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